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Last Update On 10 October 2014

Whether its a launch of its new device or an upgraded version of iOS, Apple has always ruled and revolved around the mind of the people. Starting from 1st generation called 2G to last sold generation 5C and 5S, now we set our eyes on iPhone 7 which is rumoured to be launched in the near future.

iPhone 7


Yes, you have read it right; iPhone 7 is soon going to be launched all over world with larger display and superior clarity than iPhone 5 and its other previous iPhones. It is also claimed that iPhone 7 will capture more crisp and clear images than the previous ones. And the rumored specs quad core A9 processor, 4G connectivity, extended battery usage and 128 GB memory are enough to keep you all anxiously waiting for new iPhone 7.

iPhone is an amazing piece of smartphone which has got better and better with every new launch. Apple as a company knows how to target and drag people with a device which is liked by millions of people all around the world with new specifications and features. Below we have for you a complete and detailed description of features about this rumored iPhone 7 which is soon going to be a part of our Apple family.

The details we are sharing about iPhone 7 here:

About iPhone 7:

The iPhone is the top selling phone in many countries including United States and Japan. From 1st generation (also called 2G) to the 7th generation (also called 5s and 5c) iPhone has always won the heart of the people. In these 7 years the features, specifications, apps, iOS version and everything else has just got best from better.

Now the rumors about iPhone 7 are at its peak. In fact most of the gadget geeks and techis have already started inquiring about the releasing date of iPhone 7. The new device is claimed to be wrapped with some new and exciting features that will steal your heart away. With a more designed and wider display, and the quad core A8 processor or even better, iPhone 7 will surely grab the attention of many tech savvy’s and Apple lovers .

iPhone 7 is the next generation smart phone and is expected to be loaded with some amazing features to draw our attention. And with the rising assumptions we can also expect the app store to have more innovating and interesting apps.

iPhone 7 Release Date:

The iPhones have never been released in the first 5 months of any year till now. Let’s take a look at the release date of previous smart phones in iPhone series:

2G – 29 June 2007

3G – 11 July 2008

3G S – 19 June 2009

4 – 24 June 2010

4 S – 14 October 2011

5 – 21 September 2012

5C and 5 S – 20 September 2013

iPhone 6 – September 2014 (Rumor)

iPhone 6S & 6C – September 2015 (Expected)

iPhone 7 – September 2016?

As you can see above there has been a gap of one year or above for the launch of next generation device. This says that apple is custom in releasing its new device in the third quarter every year and as we can see it has been proved very successful too.

The last iPhone generation which is, 5c and 5s has been released on 20th September 2013, exactly one year and one day after the launch of iPhone 5 which was released on 21st September 2012.

When is the new iPhone 7 releasing? Most of us have been looking for the answer to this question all over the web. Well it is expected to hit the market in late 2015 or late 2016. We cannot be very sure about the exact releasing date of the iPhone 7 till the time apple officially makes an announcement for the same.

The rumors and speculations will continue to breathe until Apple puts an end to these speculations and form the facts into real. Till then keep searching and keep waiting for this new happening device to be on the shelves.

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iPhone 7 Concept:

iPhone 7 Concept

The apple IPhone 7 is all set to feature the curved concept. In sharp contrast to the flat square shaped body that was the signature mark of apples I phones, the iPhone 7 will instead feature a curved chassis as well as curved glass display. Even corners on the chassis will be curved rather than square corners. A flexible screen prevents distortion and that means even sharper resoloution.With this new curved look fans will definitely welcome the new apple IPhone 7 for a unique concept ahead of others.

iPhone 7 Concept Curve

Certain reports have cropped up in review forums complaining of problems pertaining to bending. However, the new IPhone 7 will be addressing this feature with state of the art technology using sapphire glass that is well known for its flexibility. This will result in a much more durable handset apt reflecting the sophistication of apple.

iPhone 7 Features:

Apple and The IPhone are synonymous with perfection in the smart phone segment. The company is well versed in consumer behavior it seems by being in the news over speculative reports about the release of the IPhone 7. Be it rumor or fact, I phone lovers are anxiously awaiting Apples latest baby that will see another gadget full of polished features and Apple never disappoints.

Apart from a proposed lighter weight, the display is may be larger than its predecessor the IPhone 5. It is possible that the iPhone may have a display ranging between 4.7 to 5.5 inches. Speculation aside, what is an inevitable fact is an improved clarity of screen and display. With several complaints on various forums attributed to the I phone, fans have voiced concerns on the clarity issue of the IPhone 5. The new device will also feature navigation through touchscreen mode rather than the home button.

Competition in the smartphone segment focuses a lot on camera issues and the I phone is no exception. However the iPhone 7 is geared up to stand above competition with a whopping 20 megapixel rear camera and a front camera of 8 MP. The IPhone 7 is going to serve as your phone cum digital camera that assures a user of sharper digital pictures. Water resistant capacity will also be a first with the iPhone 7 but apple is going one up by the entire phone including its circuits being water resistant.

Perhaps what is touted as one of the best features in the iPhone 7 is the inbuilt projector. Enabling holographic type images, an inbuilt projector would make apple far superior than other smartphones in technology.

What gives credibility to reports of improvements are drawbacks in existing features and with I phone 6 already having issues pertaining to a poor battery life, apple will no doubt improve upon the power pack by providing a solar option. The apple IPhone will then be charged while the phone is in use outdoors especially when a user exposes it to the sun.

iPhone 7 Price:

A lot bigger front panel, improved image quality, quantum dot technology, built-in-iris scanner, slim in shape, upgraded chip, a 5in sapphire crystal display, user friendly interface and innovative features will make you spend more than its previous models.

It was in the earlier times when apple was only considered as a fruit, now when we think or talk about apple the only picture that comes to our mind is “iPhone”. With every new and better versions of the device, apple has always impressed its users in a way that they don’t even mind spending more for a new upgraded model. Users believe the new upgraded generation will surely surprise them each time with innovative functions and friendly features.

I am sure all we techis are waiting for this new generation device. Typically, Apple releases a new phone once a year around September as we have analyzed in the previous years and even this time it is speculated that iPhone 6 will be launched in August end or September beginning. The exact date is still a mystery for us and to be precise, Apple releases a product when it’s good and ready.

As the releasing date of iPhone 6 is coming soon, I am certain that most of us are interested in knowing the price of iPhone 6. The price of the iPhone 6 is around the same as Apple’s flagship iPhone 5 S, which is £549, £629 and £709 for the models of the handset 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, respectively. The prices of iPhone 7 are predicted to cost $50 to $100 more than the coming soon iPhone 6 due to it rumored larger screen size and advanced features.

Specification Of iPhone 7: (Rumors)

Body: Various sources hinting iPhone 7 will feature the same alumunium back as in iPhone 5S

Camera: iPhone 7 would most probably features 13MP or 20MP iSight Camera and 2MP Facetime HD camera. There will be improvement in images sensor and aperture.

IOS: The iPhone 7 no doubt will run on latest Apple IOS. So by the time iPhone 7 releases, it is expected IOS 9 will be the newest Apple operating system which will be part of iPhone 7.

Processor: The iPhone 7 is expected to feature A9-chip high performance 64-bit Architecture. It will be great experience for user play games and runs apps on iPhone 7.

Battery: The non-removable Li-Po 1740 mAh

Storage: Different options of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB

Other Features: Virtual Buttons

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