iPhone 7 Release Date

Pre-announcement Information About iPhone 7

Predications! Predictions! Predictions! That’s what we do for the release date of the next generation iPhone till the time it is legitimately announced by Apple. Same as what we are doing now, we are pinpointing the release date of iPhone 7 which is a little tricky business, after all at present we are due for the release date of iPhone 6 which is speculated to be on the shelves in August end or in the September beginning of 2014.

Based on past iPhone from Apple we can speculate on when the iPhone 7 may be released, or even when the release date may be announced.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Past iPhone Release Date History

If we pay a little attention at the release date of previous iPhone series, then it is very clear that apple launches its new technology after a year gap. The seventh generation iPhone which was 5C and 5S were released on 20th September 2014 exactly an year after the release of iPhone 5 on 21st September 2012 and near about the same procedure or route has been adopted during the launch of other previous generations.

The first generation iPhone came in 2007, and even after 7 years of the first launch people are equally excited or even more to get the first look of the iPhone 7 which would be the ninth generation technology after the launch of iPhone 6. We expect and conjecture that iPhone 7 would hit the market in 2016 around September beginning.

iPhone Release Date History Table
iPhone 2G 29 June 2007
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 3G 11 July 2008
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 3G S 19 June 2009
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 4 24 June 2010
Time Between 1 Years & 3 Months (Approx)
iPhone 4 S 14 October 2011
Time Between 11 Months (Approx)
iPhone 5 21 September 2012
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 5C And 5S 20 September 2013
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 6 September 2014(Rumor)
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 6C And 6S September 2015(Expected)
Time Between 1 Years (Approx)
iPhone 7 September 2016(Expected)

So What Does This Say About iPhone 7 Release Date:

Be it, iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Mac book, people have always been excited to see what new technology Apple brings for the masses. The enthusiasm has always been on the top and Apple as we all are aware knows how to drag the curiosity of the people with a device which is liked by millions of people all over the world. Its just been an year when all of us were eager to get the high-end seventh-generation smartphone – iPhone 5C and 5s. The time flies so fast that now we are looking forward to the release of iPhone 7 which would bring a new meaning to the technology and would press you to say “WOW”.

Following the trend Apple is likely to launch iPhone 6 in September 2014. Keeping this release dat when can we expect iPhone 7 release date? Our best guess is Q4 2016 providing another 2 year gap between iPhone 6 and iPhone.

What Now About iPhone 7:

Apple has always been on the web for a good reason and this time it is rumored to launch a new generation iPhone – iPhone 7 in the near future. I know many tech-savvy have already been searching for the release date of iPhone 7 all over the web. Look, technology does this to people.

iPhone 7 would be lighter, bigger, and smart than ever before. Further, it would be wrapped with new amazing features that will certainly startle the users. The latest reports also indicate that the device will have the quad core A8 processor, 4G connectivity, extended battery usage, 128 GB memory and numerous applications to grasp the attention of iPhone 7 users. Well there is no limit to expectations from Apple, don’t be surprised if you get to see more than this in iPhone 7.

In the fast paced era where we are running around to finish every task on time, iPhone’s have also become faster and better with the improvement of technology and the team work of dedicated and skilled professionals. Apple lets the users be friendly with the present technology and let them crave for the next generation technology which would be best than the previous ones with feature updates and display changes.

Apple will create another benchmark record with the launch of iPhone 7. What else can we expect from Apple, other than just being superlative. Apple has earned the belief of the people and stood brilliantly at their outlook so far.

There is no end to the speculations, till we hear it from the Apple itself. Till then keep searching and keep looking for more information on iPhone 7. Let the dream live-in.

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